August J. Pollak is the artist and writer of the editorial cartoon Some Guy With a Website, which appeared in various online and print publications including the Los
Angeles Times, CampusProgress.org, In These Times and The Huffington
Post. He was also known for screaming incessantly about politics for nine years until he decided he should stop for his own mental well-being. He now writes humorous essays and anecdotes about pirates, time travel, dinosaurs, grave robbery, and his cats. Oh god does he talk about his cats.

Popular descriptions of August, made by both admirers and detractors, have included  “a strange and wonderful creature,” “an all around stupendous person,” and “an admitted leftist who stands against current agricultural policies.”  He was once told by an angry old Republican lady on Twitter “your brains in a bumblebee would make it fly backwards” and it is the best thing he ever heard, ever.

August lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his aforementioned cats, who are just the best kitties.