Whoopsie Daisy!

I have lived my entire life in a media narrative that Republicans are simply not supposed to face any consequences for their actions and what we have been witnessing for the last 48 hours is the result of a media completely unequipped to handle exactly that happening. I think that’s why there’s such a cognitive dissonance between how punditry is reacting to this versus, well, basically the rest of the planet. People are done. They are fucking done with this bullshit.

The pieces are rapidly fitting together to the conclusion that the administration, their existing ignorance to all of this aside, likely went to the debate knowing they may be exposed, hid it, and then didn’t tell Biden. I know I’m screaming at a brick wall when I say this, but how is there a partisan debate about something like that. That is criminal recklessness. That is at best incompetence and at worst actual insanity. But because of the media narrative I have lived in my entire life, the reaction from our elite punditry is to bow their heads and offer well wishes to these violent, criminal lunatics we all know did this to themselves, and to us.

Our punditry is the only entity in this country that wants this to go on. That wants this to continue. That wants to pretend that somehow any of this is normal or acceptable. In the real world, people are done with this. Fucking. Done. We may have reached, for lack of a better term here, peak bullshit. The bullshit river has overflown. The bullshit dam has been breached, and now the bullshit is just flooding into the city and the people down below in bullshit valley are just done with the bullshit. Why is it even called bullshit valley? Well, son, from all the bullshit. It’s just one of those things.

I nearly dropped my coffee cup, like at the end of The Usual Suspects, hearing someone on TV this morning calling this an “October surprise.” This is the October most expected and obvious thing ever. That’s why the media and so many pundits are losing their shit over this now–because there’s no spin on this. There’s no way, though I know some will try, to blame this on Joe Biden or on Democrats or on the liberal media. Hell, even the folks who want to blame this all on China knows China didn’t make 100 people sit shoulder-to-shoulder without masks on.

These are the people who think abortion and birth control should be illegal because sluts just deserve it, who think blacks should just work harder to overcome the barriers to better jobs and education, who think it’s your own damn fault for getting sick, for being poor, for having a disability. These are the people whose unofficial religion is demanding personal responsibility from everyone else, and even though we all know they’re hypocrites, they’re always been hypocrites, they can’t send any more bullshit down the river this time. There’s nothing to hide behind. And now they are facing consequences of their actions–not from the media, or from Democrats–from a disease they claimed didn’t exist, wasn’t real, was over-exaggerated, and isn’t their fault if anyone gets it. And there is no one in this universe I feel the need to coddle by not saying with every ounce of air in my lungs: that is god damned hilarious.

I am one of 100 million Americans who has surrendered so much for the last six months to try to maintain the levees of the bullshit river, all while these guys were holding a fucking boat parade on it. They gave themselves a disease at the party they threw for the Supreme Court justice they’re going to ram through against the wishes of the American people.

Meanwhile, I won’t see my family in person this Christmas. I haven’t hugged anyone since April. They have robbed us of our lives for six months. Of our jobs. Of our health. Of our families. Of our joy. And they are telling us not to laugh now? Are you kidding? I am vibrating so hard I cannot be detected by speed cameras.