The Internet is Trying to Kill You

Rare video has been captured of a sketch comedy show I co-wrote with my friend Jared van Aalten.

The Internet Is Trying to Kill You is a sketch comedy show exploring the past, present, and future of social technologies and how they make us less social.

This performance of TIITTKY was recorded live at Highwire Comedy Company in Atlanta, Georgia on April 15, 2017 and would immediately be on the short list for a Suzi Bass Award for Excellence in Dick Jokes if that award actually existed.

If you missed the cultural phenomenon live, please enjoy this high quality recording of “The Internet is Trying to Kill You.” Preferably if you’re not at work at the moment.



RageDexOh hi. I didn’t notice you there. I was just distracted by a complete stranger having the wrong opinions on the internet.

You know, as a straight, white, financially stable Christian male, arguing online can encompass a significant portion of my day. And if you’re anything like me, let me tell you—congratulations on being a white dude. Turns out it’s awesome. But also if you’re like me, you’ve wondered to yourself “my god, how can I keep up with internet trends? There are so many people I have to pointlessly troll in defense of all my rights I think they, personally, are trying to take away. There’s got to be a better way!”

Well, I’m happy (and by that I mean as happy as a person culturally and societally dispositioned to be in a constant state of outrage can be) to say there now is.

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